Evolution of
Smart Vehicles
We help vehicle manufacturers to turn any vehicle smart.
icon COMODULE Hardware
Unlimited Possibilities

  • data transfer from bike to Cloud and App;
  • COMODULE security layer;
  • GSM sim for worldwide connectivity;
  • GPS for security tracking;
  • Bluetooth Low Energy to connect to COMODULE App;
  • Accelerometer to detect bike status;
  • I/O controls;
icon COMODULE Display 
Connected Experience

  • displays relevant eBike system data
  •  precise navigation mode
  • Bluetooth to connect to COMODULE App
  • buttons for assist level, ON/OFF lights
  • transflective monochrome display
icon COMODULE Application
Communication Channel

  • flavoured according to vehicle brand;
  • security alarm & GPS tracking;
  • social interaction;
  • activity tracking;
  • vehicle configuration settings;
  • direct support; 
  • exploit cross- and up-selling;
icon COMODULE Cloud
Connect Your Business

  • analyse product performance data
  • automated service notifications
  • send markering messages to the users
  • two-way communication
  • user behaviour and profiling
  • perform over the air software updates
  • open API
  • icon

    Turn Vehicle Smart

    gather data to empower
    user experience
  • icon

    Improve aftersales

    automated service invites &
    in-app purchases
  • icon

    Over the Air updates

    introduce new features and
    fix errors via over the air updates
  • icon

    Memorable experiences

    enhance customer experience
    and support
Largest bicycle manufacturer in Netherlands

Gazelle GPS-protected e-bikes

Gazelle has launched its first connected bikes equipped with COMODULE's Internet of Things module. This enables to detect the bicycle GPS location if stolen and in cooperation with an insurance company, will be traced and if found then owner will get his bike back or it will be replaced with a new one.
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German high-end performance bike manufacturer


ROTWILD will equip their 2019 bike range with COMODULE technology. Users benefit from a seamless connection to the bike via app in order to individualize their system performance and or navigate to the next single trail.
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Red Dot Design Award Winner

Klever Mobility

Klever Mobility (Taipei, Taiwan) is the new electric bicycle brand of established scooter manufacturer KYMCO. Klever‘s has won the prestigious red dot design award for product design. Klever will introduce GPS-tracking features in its product line for MY2018. Stay tuned!
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The ultimate electric Bike

Lavelle Bikes

Lavelle Bikes (London, United Kingdom) is building definetly one of the most outstanding eBike on the market including GPS tracking, smartphone connectivity, anti-theft features, customer portal, carbon fibre frame etc. Please find out more on https://lavellebikes.com/
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Electric Motorcycle


Elmoto (Stuttgart, Germany) is building the future of electric mobility both for fun (offroad) and urban commuting. All Elmoto motorycles will include smart features in summer 2018! Stay tuned!
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The most affordable eBike


Mate Bikes (Copenhagen, Denmark) are probably the most affordable eBike with smart features available on the market! After hyper-successful crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo (raised 5M$), the number of Mate Bikes included with smart features are on rise! Order yours today!
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Beautiful Commuter Bikes

Faraday Bicycles

Faraday Bicycles (San Francisco, USA) has been known as the one and only e-bike on US bike market. Until today Faraday Bicycles has ultra clean e-bike design! Soon will be launched with connectivity features! 
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Most awarded urban eBike in the World

Coboc e-Bikes

Coboc (Heidelberg, Germany) is one of the the most awarded urban eBikes in the World. COMODULE connectivity solution is integrated into all Coboc bicycles to enhance its product experience through digital features. Learn more from https://www.coboc.biz/en/products/encobocapp/
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Smart Electric Urban Bikes

Ampler Bikes

Ampler (Tallinn, Estonia) is one of the fastest-growing eBike brands at German market. Ampler bikes are crafted in bike studio in Tallinn and sold through online store which makes them affordable by cutting off middle man. All Ampler bikes are featured with COMODULE smart control functionalities. Find out more on https://amplerbikes.com/
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