Who is Ming Jia?

MJ grew up in Singapore in what you could call a typical Asian family. “Aside from the standard piano lessons, my mother, a teacher, read encyclopedias instead of children books, whilst my father insisted on memorising Chinese poems and picking up Chinese chess. All in all, I was taught to be dilligent and to aim for constant improvement” said MJ.

MJ with her family

Nevertheless, MJ was always drawn to arts. She was interested in anime and comics. She also created her own comic books, which she gave out in school to her friends. She was a very active kid who took almost every extra class she could while developing her art skills in photoshop and hand prepared school art stuff like mascot uniforms and decorations.

In secondary school, MJ was fortunate to take a class on lego robotics which led her to understand how code could achieve real world effects. Inspired by the game “Final Fantasy X”, she then took up a visual effects diploma programme at Nanyang Polytechnic where she could learn to combine both art and technology.

MJ dancing

“One of the most exciting things I got to learn was the Houdini software application, which is a really powerful tool for creating special effects. Very few people were proficient at Houdini at that time. Because of that, I got some very cool opportunities like doing a summer project at SideFX’s office in LA. In Singapore, I also got to create some special effects for the Special Olympics, as well as, a custom video facade for the opening of the iExperience centre” said MJ.

One of MJ's projects on the Houdini software

After finishing the Polytechnic, her parents were really hoping she would get a University degree as well and MJ agreed, but only if it would be in Arts. In 2011, MJ started her studies in product design. “I gravitated towards product design where I could figure out user needs and learn user centric design” said MJ. In her 3rd year, she joined the AIESEC program - teaching english to orphans. “That project took me to Kazakhstan where I met an Estonian guy with whom I got very close to. We tried a long distance relationship for a year, after which I decided to come to Estonia. That is the short version of how I got here” said MJ with a smile.

MJ doing charity work for churches

What does Ming Jia do at COMODULE?

“At first, it was quite difficult for a non EU citizen to get a job in Estonia. I found COMODULE by chance at a Study in Estonia Fair. COMODULE was then an up and coming startup with 13-14 people. I clicked with CEO - Kristjan Maruste right away during the interview and was intrigued by the many aspects I could learn and do at COMODULE” said MJ.

MJ started off as a designer for branding and marketing, but now mainly works on the design of digital products, with a focus on the customer experience. “I love the idea of giving meaning to users while working around the various constraints such as technical, demographic and financial. It is not an easy challenge, but I truly enjoy the process of figuring out the best fit for everyone while creating new digital products” said MJ.

MJ at Eurobike 2018 COMODULE booth that she designed

How would you describe the experience of working at COMODULE?

“It may sound strange, but personally I think that all “comodulers” are adventurers. Active, bright people with a common goal. We are charting our own path and have been striving to be the leader in this changing and almost confusing industry” said MJ enthusiastically.

Also, MJ has always been impressed how much freedom there is to experiment and bring new ideas to the table. “Combine that with respect, trust and teamwork and you got a winning formula” said MJ.

In your own words, what is the mission of COMODULE?

“Make the world happier and have fun while doing it” said MJ.

Favourite form of transport?

“Electric Kick-Scooters” said MJ.

Thoughts about the future of mobility

“I am sensing a shift in mobility. The momentum is here, we can’t ignore it anymore. Governments are catching up - changing laws and policies. Excited to see and be a part of the change in mobility” said MJ.