Who is Markus?

Markus grew up in Käsmu (a small fishing village in Estonia) but went to school in Tallinn. From an early age, he was drawn to math, physics and technical drawing. Nevertheless, as an active kid, he also played tennis, basketball, soccer, sang in a choir and played the violin. “I actually wanted to play the drums, but my parents said it was too loud,” said Markus. Although, his true passion has always been the sea. “One of my happiest memories from my childhood were those early mornings when we went fishing with the local fisherman or went sailing with my family,” said Markus.

Another exciting part of his life was when he went to high school in Switzerland at Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz and had an opportunity to choose his own classes. Besides being apart of 6 different sports teams, he and his friend decided to go for the most hardcore classes they could find. “When everybody else was picking easy classes to get good grades, me and my friend chose higher level mathematics, physics (string theory, particle physics) and advanced English. Our goal was to be able to say after school - “relax, I'm an engineer” said Markus jokingly. 

After returning from high school, Markus knew that he either wants to be an engineer, architect or a cook. He went with engineering and applied to different schools around the world. “My strategy was that I wrote to different schools and whoever replied first, that is the school I will go to,” said Markus. 

He was accepted to Bradford University and studied Industrial Engineering. His favorite subjects were technical drawing, aerospace engineering and any kind of classes that were more practical rather than theoretical. “One of the funniest stories from the University was when I had an exam in technical drawing and instead of finishing it in 2 hours like everybody else, I did it in 25 minutes. Later on, the professor came to me and asked if I was from Estonia. Turned out that there were other Estonians who were very good at this subject in the past as well” said Markus.

Captain Markus in action

Now, that Markus had a good understanding of engineering and how factories operate, he applied for internships at various factories in Estonia. One of them - Paldiski Zinc Pot, ended up hiring him as a full-time Quality Engineer. For Markus, this was a great opportunity to learn and get experience in different aspects of running a factory. “It was a modern, little factory where I had to figure out the right balance between human and machine input so the product would have a consistent quality level,” said Markus. In a typical Markus fashion, he also worked as a quality manager, accounting manager and was selected to be on the board of the company.

What does Markus do at COMODULE?

That is probably the hardest question to answer for Markus. It is easier to ask - “What doesn’t he do at COMODULE?”. After getting a good experience in running a local factory, Markus wanted to be apart of a global company that was involved with exciting technology. He applied for the sales and business development position and the CEO of COMODULE - Kristjan, hired him after speaking to him in no more than 10 minutes. “What drew me to COMODULE was the cool and youthful “can do” attitude and the opportunity to develop high-end green technology on a global scale,” said Markus.

Now, that Markus has worked on different positions at COMODULE,  for over 3 years, he is in charge of building the COMODULE factory. “Since I have studied and worked in the field of industrial engineering, I was very excited to be responsible for building our own factory,” said Markus.

Markus doing a demo for a customer

What is your vision for the COMODULE factory?

The idea for building our own factory got started when the demand for e-scooter sharing modules increased drastically at the end of 2018. “COMODULE has now produced almost 100 000 sharing modules in cooperation with other electronics manufacturers and during this process, we were responsible for a lot of the aspects - procurement, sourcing, quality control etc. At one point, we saw that it would be even more efficient to start producing a large portion of the modules ourselves. Plus, imagine how cool it is to have our own local factory 10 minutes away from our Tallinn office. There are not many companies in Estonia that can say that” said Markus.

Illustration of the circuit board that COMODULE will start manufacturing in its new factory

Markus is currently in the process of building a modern cutting edge factory in downtown Tallinn that starts production in August 2019. The centrepiece of the COMODULE factory is going to be the SMT line that assembles the circuit boards for our modules. “Thanks to these circuit boards, people all over the world are able to rent and ride e-scooters via their mobile phones,” said Markus

In addition to building a factory, our next challenge is to find new people that would like to work there. “From our side, I have envisioned that the factory will be flexible and suitable for people from all walks of life. All the necessary requirements for great working conditions are met. The modern factory is located near the Tallinn city centre, so there is no need to take long commutes outside of the city. In case, people want to apply away from Tallinn, we also have train and bus stations nearby. We even have a plan to put an e-scooter fleet for the workers to get around town. Also, the factory is suitable for people with physical impairments since one of our assembly specialists Dave needs to move around with a wheelchair” said Markus. 

COMODULE is looking for people for different positions. Whether it is the SMT engineer, Warehouse Specialist or another position, “Our saying at COMODULE has always been that we don't want to dictate how to do your job, instead, we expect you to tell us how to do it. And if you are worried about the right qualifications, we also offer training. As long as you like to work with your hands and work on world-class technology, the door is open for you” said Markus.

How would you describe the experience of working at COMODULE?

“I like the youthful atmosphere and the “can do” attitude of our people. We don't have somebody to learn from as we are working on the edge of innovation and are the world leaders of what we do” said Markus proudly.

In your own words, what is the mission of COMODULE?

Funnily enough, Markus created the COMODULE’s mission statement which you can see on the picture below.

Favourite form of transport? 

"I ride an e-bike or e-scooter every day,” said Markus. 

Thoughts about the future of mobility

“I hope that more and more cities ban cars from the city centre and introduce more micro-mobility options. The main obstacle right now is the battery development, once more progress is made in that area, the electric powered vehicles will get more popular” said Markus.

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