Official Announcements

COMODULE long-term strategy is to become crucial technology supplier for the light vehicle industry. We will not be just a gadget on the handlebars or just an end-user tracker. Our goal is to support the industry from the ground up and deliver value for everyone in the value chain.

We started market-entry from small- and medium-size bicycle companies (Coboc, Ampler). At the moment we are working on system integration with various other vehicle manufacturers. Second step is climbing higher in the value chain and selling solution in cooperation with component suppliers. Therefore we announced following partnerships in Taipei:

  1. BROSE Antriebstechnik – BROSE is market leader in electric motors (such as steering motors) in automotive industry. BROSE Antriebstechnik, subsidiary of BROSE mother company, is offering mid-motors for electric bicycles. Partnership with BROSE motors results in standardised integration of COMODULE solution into bicycles which are powered by BROSE motors. 

  2. Accelerated Systems – Accelerated Systems (ASi) is a Canadian motor controller company providing technology for the LEV industry from e-bikes and e-scooters to ATVs and lawnmowers. ASi has a global reach with operations in North America, Europe and China. Together with COMODULE, ASi is introducing connectivity to their complete product range.

Besides climbing higher in the value chain on the basis of partnerships with component suppliers, COMODULE has extended its product portfolio. By extending its product portfolio, our desire is to step further on allowing plug-and-play integration of COMODULE ecosystem. Hence, COMODULE announced:

  • COMODULE Connected Display which is the first display in its product family. Display is designed for e-bikes. Unit is able to gather data from communication interface and also connect with COMODULE smartphone application via Bluetooth connection. For further enquiries, please contact:

Market Insights

Bike-Sharing Boom & Mobike.

Everyone in the industry is talking about booming bicycle sharing market: component manufacturers are considering more robust components for the sharing market; low-end bicycle manufacturers are afraid that instead of buying simple bike – people will use bicycle sharing schemes instead and bicycle dealers are looking for GPS-trackers to turn bicycle shops into renting hubs.

We saw that bicycle sharing became hot topic not because of the biggest bike-sharing schemes in Europe & US (London, New York, Washington) but because of Chinese-based Mobike which has launched 450,000 bikes to the streets of Shanghai (nearly half of which appeared in the past six months).

We are happy to announce that this summer COMODULE is launching a full features sharing and fleet management product. Our goal is to empower everyone to start their own free floating sharing ecosystem. For early access, please contact


Connectivity & Internet of Things Continues to Raise Interest

When wondering around at the trade show, one could easily notice high interest around companies offering connectivity solutions. Our booth was in constant overflow of people requesting for further information. In addition to us there were also other companies who advertised connected products: bicycle companies, full system providers, display manufacturers, smart lock builders etc.

We had great conversations with bike suppliers, OEMs, distributors, fleet operators and other industries elaborating their own way to approach the market with IoT solutions. We are happy to be in the position of being forth runner of connectivity for light electric electric vehicles!

If you’re considering how connectivity can boost your business, please contact for further inquiries!