In case you are indecisive when it comes to connecting your e-bikes to the internet, you have different choices. Whether to wait for your e-bike drive unit supplier to deliver the interface you need; invest in developing your own solutions OR partner with us to stay in touch with your fleet and riders. After being an active industry leader for the past 6 years COMODULE has built the biggest plug and play connectivity platform helping you to get connected today.

We have partnered with all industry-leading e-bike drivetrains companies, peripheral devices, and fleet management tools and offer a complete connectivity ecosystem with Industry Software platforms, telematics hardware units, and apps.

COMODULE Software Solutions

COMODULE Industry Platform

Tool for understanding and influencing actual end-user behavior and vehicle performance

1. Guide your business strategy

Have a better overview of your users

  • How many users do you have?
  • Communication to end-users?
  • Register and manage new bikes?
  • Dynamics of when do users ride their bikes?
  • Which regions/cities have the most users?
  • Which age and sex group do your users belong to?
  • Which platform do they use (Android/IOS)?

2. Support your product development decisions

Pick up of how your products are used

  • How long trips do users take?
  • What is the average battery consumption per trip?
  • How long does your product last?
  • Which assist levels are mostly used?
  • How fast are your customers riding?
  • How well is your drivetrain’s temperature management working?
  • Data analytics

Obtain in-depth view of your fleet

  • Add and change bike models
  • Add and manage single bikes
  • Add bikes by production patches
  • Sort the bikes by mileage, battery status etc
  • Option to add bike frame numbers

See in-depth view of single bikes

  • Go through the bike’s behavior over the entire usage period
  • Check the bike’s single parameters
  • Find out the bike’s FW status

3. Improve your customer experience and increase loyalty by personalized communication

Manage bike diagnostics and information you have sent to your users

  • Get an overview of the messages you have sent out
  • Check how many users received the message
  • Resend messages to another customer group
  • Modify your old messages before you resend

Manage the information you have sent to your users

  • Get an overview of the messages you have sent out
  • Check how many users received the message
  • Resend messages to another customer group
  • Modify your old messages before you resend

COMODULE White Label Application
An easy and simple way to offer your end-users digital access to e-bikes

  • Suitable for Android & IOS
  • Showing e-bike performance data (SoC, voltage, current, speed, distance to empty, battery temperature, odometer, power, distance to the destination, estimated time of arrival, trip distance, trip duration, clock, cadence, battery health-cycles, drivetrain temperature)
  • Navigation (shows your destination on maps)
  • Changing bike settings, depending on the bike 
  • Protect precious e-bike with anti-theft tracking
  • Control the vehicle via App
  • Personalize and match vehicle performance settings
  • Navigate and calculate vehicle battery range
  • Receive over the air updates and special offers tailored to customers needs

*Customization options available

COMODULE Hardware Solutions


The most powerful and universal IoT device designed for the needs of light electric vehicle mobility:

  • Global roaming in 2G, 3G, 4G / CAT M1 networks for the best performance
  • Bluetooth interface for additional external near field communication
  • Various communication protocols for seamless onboard communication (CAN Bus, CANopen, UART, RS485, …)
  • High-precision positioning system
  • I/Os for onboard communication
  • A buffer battery for independent vehicle communication

The first-ever connected display 

Clickable essential information shown on the display:

  • Show speed
  • Modify assist levels: eco, during, sport
  • Range
  • Trip distance
  • Navigation
  • Guidance
  • Pedal power
  • Time
  • Drivetrain temperature
  • State of charge battery
  • Control lights
Functionalities: odometer available on app view, map navigation, tracking, detail bike parameters (motor settings, motor power, etc)

The entry-level connectivity device that enables users to connect users to the vehicles 

  • Turning your customers into users
  • Sends bike and ride data collection to Comodule app
  • Bike diagnostics and updates
  • Stores bike performance data and sends it to Cloud as soon as the rider connects his phone via Bluetooth
  • Bi-directional communication between Drive System and App to assist level individualisation and bike control

COMODULE Integration Partners

Leading e-bike drivetrains
ASI motor controllers / Bafang / BMZ / Bosch / Brose / FAZUA

Peripheral devices
iLockit /Axa / oklok

Fleet management tools
ElectricFeel /Joyride / Ride Cell / Urban Sharing / Wunder Mobility

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