Why is Eurobike important ? 

Because everyone is there and this gives an ideal opportunity to understand what´s happening next in the industry. Additionally of course it means that if you do your homework well you can meet all the decision makers. 

How should you prepare? 

First of all you have to set a clear goal for the show: do you want to meet new potential customers, close deals with previous contacts. get press coverage or spy on competition. As a team you can of course have multiple of these goals but for individuals it is best to keep to one. 

Secondly scan through the full agenda to make sure what kind of side-events like conferences, workshops or product unveils you could attend. This you should do as early as possible as there might be registration deadlines or the seats might ran out. 

Third and most important: reach out to set-up meetings. For this start with a list of companies and people you would like to meet (don´t forget your goal). In case you have a booth it is always best to meet at your booth as it will allow you to have a better presentation of your product and be in the role of a host. Don´t forget that if you are at a B2B event it is important to design a seating area inside the booth. Instead of just focusing on customers or potential partners also look into federations and associations. People who are well connected and could open doors for you. 

And last. Think outside the box.
Try to get attention and press with stunts. Last year we built the "World´s first autonomous bike prototype" and got loads of media coverage even after the show. 

Instead of just organising meetings during the fair think about hosting a dinner or breakfast with your customers or partners outside the fairgrounds. Maybe even invite some of your existing customers or partners to join. 

Build a booth that attracts and amazes people. Do something differently, create interactive soltutions so people could really understand how does your product work. 

How did we prepare? 

First of all we applied for a booth. Because of intense competition for space we were declined. Of course we could not have left it this so we reached out to explain how connectivity is the most important technological shift to happen in cycling and how our presence will be beneficial for all parties. We got a booth :) 

As we are a B2B company we decided to build the booth so that we can have an area to meet and discuss. Therefore our booth really has two sides to it. One facing the public is interactive and colorful to showcase the product. The back at the same time is minimalistic so that we can present and discuss with our partners. 

For the public side we cut an e-bike in half and mounted it to the wall. We are spinning the wheel, controlling it from a smartphone presented next to the bike and showing live statistics in our data management platform. Visitors can interact with the phone to change the speed of the bike, switch lights and share there presence over the social media. We really want people to understand and feel the product. 

Next we applied for the Eurobike award, prepared a product presentation and sent this out to the jury. This is something that every company attending Eurobike should do because winning an award gives you great recognition and press coverage. 

We were also extremely happy to be invited to take part in the first ever Smart Cycling Conference organised by the European Cycling Federation on the 30th of August. Our CEO Kristjan will be participating in a high-ranked panel discussing the future of the industry: Cycling 2.0: the Who, Why, When, How & What of the Smarter Cycling future. Additionally we are also present at the Leader``s Ride next morning. These events gives us the possibility to meet decision makers in a more relaxed environment and present our vision for the future. 

This year we are attending Eurobike with 7 people meaning we can set several goals for the team. Meeting partners, customers, competitors, organisations and associations. Every one of us has a clear set of companies and people to meet and has worked to set-up meetings. We have a joint calendar to make sure that we do not overlap. Two of us will always be present at the booth because there might always be surprise visitors. 

We feel that we have prepared well. The booth is already on it´s way to Friedrischafen and our team is ready for the action. In case you would like to meet us drop by to our booth at ZH-308; meet us at the Smart Cycling conference or best reach out so we can schedule a meeting in advance. 

Looking forward to a successful week !