EVO has already invested more than 40,000 € for a pilot project which will take place the upcoming months with ten e-scooters that can travel up to 45 km per hour. The aim is to grow the fleet exponentially as time goes by. At the same time, this project can actively contribute to the environmental protection, as well as to give a practical solutions to the traffic congestion that the city encounters.

How does the system work in 3 simple steps?

1.       Download the EVO app from your smartphone.

2.       Register online and the verify your driving license

3.       Start driving! 

Few words about the renting process

The users can view a city map on the screen of their mobile phone. Over there the various locations of all available scooters are displayed. Whenever there is a vehicle near the user, then he/she can reserve it with one click, unlock and drive it. As soon as the driver takes the helmet out of the luggage compartment, the scooter is ready to go. After the end of the ride and the vehicle has been parked, then the rider can finish the session in any location he/she wishes within the city area of Oberhausen city area. Then the next user can pick up the scooter and follow the same process. If you want to see how the system works, then press here https://www.facebook.com/ohtv.ruhr/videos/1921616197853906/

Who charges the vehicles?

All EVO scooters are electric and the recharge of the batteries, as well as the maintenance of the vehicles is taken over from EVO.


For more information about the project, please press here https://evo-sharing.ruhr/