The new battery-app solution consists of an intelligent, standard combination between rechargeable cells, highly integrated safety board and easy to use smartphone-app. It is based on ANSMANN`s “Bluetooth Direct Connect” industrial solution presented last year at Electronica, the world`s largest electronic trade fair. This system will soon be integrated into a variety of other electronic devices which require intelligent drive monitoring and control.

Compact and lightweight battery and motor solutions for city bikes complement the ANSMANN e- bike drive system portfolio. The kits weigh less than four kilograms - lighter than most other kits on the market. An important factor for city bikes is not so much distance as ease of use and flexibility. Therefore ANSMANN’s new combination of light battery and intelligent bike app are a perfect system solution for manufacturers of city bikes and also folding bikes.

ANSMANN is known for its high quality battery chargers and has been manufacturing e-bike drive kits for more than ten years. Their batteries and motor kits are already installed by various bike manufacturers. This experience and specialist knowledge is now included in this new maximum intelligence e-bike system. Thilo Hack, Manager of the Industrial Solutions Sector, summarizes: “here we present the most intelligent e-bike system ever. Drive system intelligence is much more than just a showing the state of charge of the battery and distance that can be travelled. With our solution we aim to offer a fully functional range, offering each of our customers an easy to use, fully informative system.”

About Ansmann

ANSMANN AG is a German electronics firm that has been around for more than 25 years. They are known for high quality, safe, technically pioneering, whilst remaining inexpensive, battery solutions supplier for all private and industrial situations. The end user will have heard of ANSMANN mainly from their battery chargers in the electrical shops and online sales. Last year the range of OEM and Industrial Solutions was supplemented by the introduction of this intelligent Bluetooth module, which enables a multitude of interactive functions between the battery and smartphones or other professional Bluetooth enabled reading devices.