IoT solutions for
Vehicle Manufacturers

Enabling the Future

Technological innovation reaches the end-user when there are companies who make it easy to adopt for the manufacturers. These are called Tier 1 and they play a crucial role in the manufacturing process.

COMODULE is the Tier 1 innovator and supplier of connectivity for vehicle manufacturers. We enable manufacturers to start the IoT revolution. We build tools for that.

Use Cases

 AMPLER use case

Ampler Bikes, with COMODULE's white labelled application for Ampler, the end-user can stay connected with the manufacturer via live support and direct messaging. End-user can fine-tune their bicycle in the way that suits their driving needs. COMODULE has enabled quick self-repair option for the end-user via diagnostics through application. Range anxiety is cured with intuitive range. Connecting with your riding buddies gives a great overview of the best rides via tracked rides sharing. COMODULE has helped to enable control over the bike to Amplers' end-users, giving them a freedom to use their bicycle as they want to use  

COBOC use case

COBOC uses COMODULE for its design, flexibility and engineering. COMODULE's application and tech can be found in all new COBOC versions. Enabling end-user interaction with the bike and with the manufacturer. The white labelled application keeps the identity of COBOC and gives its end-user access to a lot of features, such as: turn-by-turn navigation; rout selection; intuitive range, live support, interacting with friends and much more. COBOC can manage its vehicles via the cloud platform. Having a great platform for overseeing the bicycles that are in circulation. Direct messaging gives a good option to inform about upcoming maintenance or doing some extra business through after-sales' commercials.

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